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Powerway -- Empower Your Solar Farm!

Our Company

Powerway Renewable Energy Co., Ltd, located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, has branches in Japan. Adhering to innovative design concepts and operating ideas, POWERWAY is committed to providing economic and securing solutions for the global photovoltaic power plant as well as quality photovoltaic products. Power Mounting system, PowerRoof, PowerTracker, fixed tilt structure for commercial ends, Powerway Carport Pics, Rampost, Single Column Ground Support System are all provided by Powerway. At the meantime, the full set of the products have won ISO Certification, and striving to obtain BV TUV and BV Certificates.
With its capability of research and development, Powerway has utilized the automatic seamless welding process, in which takes into all-round inspection to ensure perfect production. Up to date, POWERWAY has provided specialized products and value-added services to PV power plants over 28 countries and regions, and also established strategic partnership with many well-recognized PV companies at home and abroad.It is a convincing brand in PV industry.

What can we Offer?

Due to technology limitations, the traditional PV mounting cannot track solar incidence automatically, which limits its efficiency in energy conversion. Our newly designed and developed smart tracking systems have overcome those boundaries by adopting a smart and diversified design concept to track the angle of incidence 24/7. Being combined with Cloud technology, POWERWAY increases general efficiency while decreases the cost of maintenance.

PowerTracker System

PowerTracker System working hand in hand with Huawei’s telecommunications system, takes SMART care of the operation and maintenance of the PV power plants, with the support of Big Data, Cloud Tech and Remote Monitor and Control.

● Smart Design, Smart O&M;
● Installation Cost down by 35%;
● Increased Yield by 10%-25% over Traditional Mounting System;

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AlumPower System

● Rust-Proof to ensure Product at its Prime in the Look, the Performance and Durability;
● Light-Weight in Material , a Time-saver in Installation;
● Recyclable Material, a Protection of the Value of the Plant;

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DuraPower System

● Technology Know-How and Diversified Product Lines;
● Optimized Design for Wide-Range Applications;
● Products of Reliability and Durability;
● Quick installation and saves cost;
● Flexible adjustment suitable for different terrain.

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SlipPower System

● Ease of Installation - a Great Cost-Saver;
● Standardized Component – Efficiency in Material Management;
● Slide-in design for easy operation;
● Rust-Proof and Anti-Oxidation – Product of Excellence and Durability;

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PowerFarm System

● Light Transmittance Rate at 70% - an Insurance on Plant/Crops Growth;
● Appropriate Structural Space – Easy Access of Farming Machines and Equipment;
● Adaptability to Local Conditions – Land Use at and for its Best;

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Why Us ?

The reason is simple – Specialized Design, Quality Consistency, Highly Accessible After-Sales Services - The Three keys to lock in the long-term value and revenue of your power plant.



Powerway Rooftop Mounting System

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Powerway - First Solar solely compied tracker

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Commissioning of another 20MWp solar projects

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By offering our highly efficient and energy-saving tracking system for your PV power plant, we are committed to our customers around the world a one-stop solution from design, installation to O&M services.

Meeting and Needing

Expoloring each project with you to understand your requirements and priorities.

Design Engineering

Custom-design one-stop solution to meet your need and offer lab-test for risk-control.

Project Construction

Technical know-how for superior performance.

O&M – Operation and Maintenance

Adequate scientific lab test to ensure smooth plant operation.


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