FLUENT is the most popular CFD software program , which is used to calculate fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical reaction.

FLUENT software is consist of three parts:
  • pre-processor
  • solver
  • post-processor
Speed Distribution at windward

It is important for firs row of the PV structure to strengthen as this part will suffer most of the wind loading.

The pressure on the upper surface of modules at windward

The upper surface of the first row suffer most of the pressure.

The pressure on the down surface of modules at windward

The lower surface suffer the most of the pressure.

Speed Distribution at leeward

The last row of the PV array is the major part to suffer the, so that the we need to strengthen the Lee.

The pressure on the upper surface of modules at leeward

1084Pa The upper surface of the first row of the array will suffer the biggest pressure.

The pressure on the down surface of modules at leeward

The last row of the PV module lower surface suffer the biggest pressure.

Design Process

Powerway has professional mechanical engineers in its structure design team. We provide customized product designs for PV mounting systems, PV tracker systems, and PV plant construction. Our engineering team's goal is maximizing the safety, stability, and sustainable operation of PV power plants, while optimizing their cost.

Mechanical Calculation

To guarantee the safety and stability of the power plant, our engineers will conduct comprehensive structural calculations and testing, based on local conditions. These services include simulated aerodynamic testing and finite element analysis. Customers simply provide us with their local climate information and geographical conditions. With these sophisticated calculations and tests, reliable data can be prepared for the entire construction. This not only reduces material costs but also optimizes load structure.

Pile Pull-Out Testing

The screw pile, as the foundation of the PV mounting system, can be customized to suit unique terrain characteristics and various soil conditions. This improves construction efficiency, protects the environment, and at the same time, reduces costs. Screw piles are widely used in PV structure foundations, building foundations, billboard foundations and guardrail foundations. Powerway not only conducts calculations for the screw pile load, we also conduct an on-site pull-out test. This gives customers both a theoretical calculation and an actual construction verification.

The testing site and module selected for the screw pile pull-out test is based on a geological survey. In the test, the ultimate load for a single pile will be calibrated by continually increasing the load level. This way, the maximum load capacity of the screw pile will be found. As in other types of construction, a screw pile can only be used as the foundation when the ultimate load capacity is twice that of the actual stress it must withstand.