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Powerway - First Solar solely compied tracker supplier in China

Powerway is dedicated to provide intelligent and stable tracker solution to the market. As the key equipment for solar farm, the technical compliance between the PowerTracker and module as well as inverter will guarantee the good operation and maximize the investment return of the solar farm. To this...

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Commissioning of another 20MWp solar projects using Powerway DuraPower Mounting System

Recently another Japanese extra-high voltage solar project is commissioned with Powerway DuraPower Mounting System after 7 months from beginning construction on Feb of 2017. This project locates in Iwate Prefecture of Japan and the installed capacity is 20MWp with design wind speed as 30m/s and snow ...

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Powerway System VS 14 Grade Storm HATO

At 10:00am, 23 August 2017, the center of HATO typhoon, the 13th typhoon in this year is located in the sea where about 75 km away from the southeast of Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Maximum wind power in the center is about Grade 15 (48 m / s). Grade 7 wind radius is 220 km - 280 km. Grade 10 wind radiu...

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PowerFit-Powerway Intelligent Distributed Tracking System

What is Powerfit? An intelligent distributed tracking system that benefits from its professional design and flexible tracking technology, which will bring more sustainable and stable revenue to your solar farm. PowerFit key features and benefits: - A more flexible power supply system, each individual...

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Distributed power station needs professional design

Chinas photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in the past two years, not only the rapid expansion of centralized power plants, distributed home PV market is also in full swing, more and more families began to understand the advantages and benefits of photovoltaic power generation. But many famil...

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