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DuraPower System

DuraPower System

DuraPower System is another ground-mounted all-steel PV structural system which is primarily made of high-tensile carbon steel galvanize-treated and complied to international standard – a guarantee of durability for all-weather outdoor use. Its highly pre-assembled design also warrants high installation efficiency.

Design features of Durapower system

● Strong topography-adaptability;
● Channel structural design for the ease of installation;
● Custom-designed spring-bolt joints for the ease of assembly;
● Height-adjustable oblique support arms for prompt on-site installation.


Efficient and Economic System Solutions

This all-steel single-post solution structural system is target-made for instant installation, catering to projects with specific engineering requirements. The specially made joints are highly adjustable to accommodate the all-steel stents to various terrain requirements and stand test to challenges of heavy load bearing and project surroundings.

Main features of Rampost solution

● Single-Post solution offering high adaptability on various terrains and surroundings;
● Super flexibility for instant installation ;
● Minimum to none requirements for leveling the ground;
● Quality Material and Products for System Durablity and Minimum Downtime;
● In-house pre-assembly ;
● Entire structure fully interlinked and ground-connected;
● No requirement for onsite welding for maximum topograph-adaptability.

Structure-oriented design enables time-saving in installation

The joint-connectors, made of welded steel pipes, directly connects the standing post with oblique support arms. Such joint design is simple, but effective to meet the high-tensile structural requirements, and easily adjustable on height for the ease of installation.

Scale 14 wind load design

30% decrease in transportation cost

50% decrease in construction cost

85μm hot-dipped galvanizing standard

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