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PowerFarm System

PowerFarm System

PowerFarm System is a new type of stent system that frames a greenhouse for agricultural use with roof-top PV panels generating power at the same time. Without changing the zoning requirements of the land, PowerFarm not only guarantees the effectiveness of power generation, but also provides the sunlight necessary for the crops. The generated power can also be used for fill lighting, which accelerates the growth of the crops. The stent is made of high-tensile aluminum for guaranteed corrosion-resistance; while the readily-assembled feature of the stent system is designed for prompt and efficient installation.

PowerFarm System new whole design feature

● Wide-stretch and high-above-the ground design allowing easy access by the farming machines and equipments;
● Strong structural load bearing for maximum wind load of 42m/s (scale 14);
● Scientifically-designed lighting system for accelerated growth the crops;
● High corrosion-resistence with the use of galvanized structural steel (85um) and anodized aluminum (AA15);
● High-tensile but lightweight alloyed aluminum material and readily-assembled design allowing for superior installation efficiency.


A solution by an effective and economical system

PowerFarm is a ground-mounted PV stent system that is made of high-tensile alloyed aluminum and high-tensile structural steel. It features high stability and high corrosion-resistability, which ensures durability in all-weather outdoor use. Its readily-assembled design also makes it possible to achieve super efficient on-site installation.

14 level wind load

Transport cost decrease 30%

Construction cost decrease 50%

85μm Hot dip galvanized standard

15μm Anodic oxidation standard

20 years confidence in quality assurance

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