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SlipPower System

SlipPower System

SlipPower System is an 100% aluminum slide-in stent of PV structure system that is ground mounted. Its mainly made of high-tensile alloyed aluminum – a guarantee of durability for outdoor use in all-weather; while its slide-in design reduces the quantity of components, which in turn significantly reduces difficulty of installation and raises on-site efficiency.

Design features of SlipPower System

● Slide-in design for easy operation;
● Cost reduction/saving on installation;
● No Press-Stack design for prompt installation and time-saver;
● Our projects in Japan all stand untouched after major earthquakes which speak for the system itself;
● The use of high-tensile anodized aluminum for its guarantee of corrosion-resistance.


Optimized design to allow for low-scale adjustments

The joint of primary and secondary guard rails is secured by snap-in fasteners, and the primary guard rail is designed with sliding channel for fasterners to move across for the ease of on-site installation.

Only 7 major components, less complexity to eliminate missing parts

Post adjustable allowance up to +/- 50mm, rotary angle +/- 10 degree

Flexible hinge to adapt different angle adjustment to prevent post tilted

20years warranty granted

Easy installation of slipped-in modules

Slot and clamped design of rails for easy installation

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