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ALL-SMART PV Power Station:
● Buffer Design for Superior System Stability;
● Real-time Monitoring for Immediate Response to Weathers and Conditions;
● 24/7 Auto adjusting to Solar Incidence for Optimum Energy Harvest;

PowerTracker System

PowerTracker System is one of our ground-mounted power plant systems with minimum assembly requirement that meets the need of both commercial and public sectors. Its all-dimension custom-made framed design greatly improves installation efficiency and reduces labour cost. Its special array configuration effectively reduces the number of piles,which ultimately cuts down costs in material and construction. In addition,the 85μm galvanized and the 15μm anodized surface treatment warrants the lifespan of the system and running cycle of the power plant.Last but not least,with minimum assembly requirement,our PowerTracker makes it your top choice for a ground-mounted power station.

Key advantages of the PowerTracker System

● Designed to leverage off 25-50% of base capacity, with self-feeding power tracking capability;
● A guaranteed 5-times cleaning and maintenance speed on single-row array;
● A guaranteed 1% per MW surplus in power generation within tracking range of ±45 degree;
● Wireless monitor system and close-circuit control system for optimization of tracking precision and improvement of reliability;
● Simple and Agile auto-ground design with no-welding direct-joint connection ensures installation speed 3 times faster than its peers.

Central Control System

PowerTracker smart tracking system – Three Solutions

PowerFit Tracker

● Sole-Drive design for individual or selected array(s) to minimizing the influence of individual downtime and reducing the risk of system-wide malfunctions or shutdowns;
● Suitable for all kinds of array configuration including diamond layout;
● Free from interference of joining rods allowing effective cleaning of S-shaped modules between arrays;
● High topograph-adaptablity for installation suitability on slopes upto 10 degree;
● Self-Shading Evading & Adusting Mode for increased irradiance timen and enhanced power harvest;
● Heavy Rain Auto-Clean Mode using rainshowers to clean the modules for reduced O&M cost;

Data Sheet

PowerFit overall Appearance

PowerFit Single Axis Mechanism

PowerFit N->S slope terrain Adaptability

PowerFit E-> W Slope Terrain Adaptability

PowerLink Overall Appearance

PowerLink Single Axis Mechanism

PowerLink N->S slope terrain Adaptability

PowerLink E->W Slope Terrain Adaptability

PowerMax Tracker

● A single drive and control system for entire array minimizes insidious defects for easy maintenance;
● High terrain adaptability for installation suitability on slopes up to 10 degree;
● Self-Shading Evading & Adjusting Mode for increased irradiance and enhanced power harvest;
● Strong Wind Auto-Protection Mode and Auto-Snow Removal Mode, ensuring system safety;
● Automatic cleaning function is to clean the modules with auto swing the modules in heavy rain, which will cut down the O&M cost;
● Centralized-Drive system controls multi-row arrays for cost saving;

Data Sheet

PowerMax Overall Appearance

PowerMax Mechanism

PowerMax N->S slope terrain Adaptability

PowerMax E-> W Slope Terrain Adaptability

Power Plant Monitoring System Interface

Diagram of different section

Voltage/Output Interface

Voltage/Output Histogram

String Monitoring

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