Eliminate any Failure Influence with Redundancy

Redundancy Design

  • Drive system
  • Sensor
  • Control unit

Drive System


  • 25 inch Slewing Drive
  • Backup Drive System

Control Box

Safety is the Most Important

  1. Horizontal Tracker can be stowed
    • <5minutes
  2. High Saftey
    • Support Structure
      • Wind speed 40m/s: Max stress: 84MPa
      • Safety factor:2.6
    • Cross Beam
      • Wind speed 30m/s (if not stowed),Max stress: 144.3MPa
      • Safety factor: 1.6

Multi-Mode Control Function

  1. Multi-Mode Control Function
    • Backtracking Mode
    • Rain Mode (to clean the modules)
    • Snow Mode
    • Wind Mode
    • Manual Setting Tracking Angle Mode
  2. Interface with Monitoring System
    • RS485 Communication Interface with Modbus Protocol

Backtracking Design

Backtracking to eliminate Shadow

Energy Production Analysis

Energy Production Increase against Fixed Installation

Special Design for Desert

  • Copper Bearing
  • Protection Shield