Powerway & First Solar

First Solar and Powerway , leading provider of advanced thin film modules and state-of-the-art tracking systems, have been working together closely to offer optimized large-scale solar PV solutions that are reliable, profitable and sustainable. With 2.1GW global job reference, Powerway provide our customers more than quality and reliable mounting solutions,we can also offer professional installation guidance and O&M services ,helping our customers to maximize the energy output of their PV power plant while lowering the LCOE.

What Tracking System Can We Offer ?

PowerLink System

Applied to complicated terrain.

PowerMax System

Applicable to level terrain with cost advantages.

Key Aadvantages

Designed to leverage off 25-50% of base capacity, with self-feeding power tracking capability

Real-time Monitoring for Immediate Response to Weathers and Conditions

24/7 Auto adjusting to Solar Incidence for Optimum Energy Harvest

A guaranteed 5-times cleaning and maintenance speed on single-row array

A guaranteed 1% per MW surplus in power generation within tracking range of ±45 degree

Wireless monitor system and close-circuit control system for optimization of tracking precision and improvement of reliability

Simple and Agile auto-ground design with no-welding direct-joint connection ensures installation speed 3 times faster than its peers

Why Powerway

Customers need to provide their local climate information and geographical conditions, our engineers will make comprehensive structural calculation and testing based on local conditions, and offer the optimal mounting design for your power plant.

A special project manager and installation engineering team are designated for the project, assisting onsite supervision, dealing with the acceptance of goods, transportation, quality control and other issues. We provide detailed installation and operation manual and help customers install and use trackers.

By accelerating the development of the project through program integration to shorten the period of design, procurement and investment to the overall construction, for project of 1-10MW capacity, our delivery cycle is far below the market.

Monitor for each layer, string-level control, can manage every single motor;
Form and histogram to display operation states;
No man guard and enable global plants centralize management;
Real time monitoring, fast detecting faults;
Smart tracking system integrated cloud computing, remote monitoring and smart control;
Visual real-time monitoring because of physical location, logical topology and electrical connection chart.

In order to ensure the reliability of the PV plant and improve the safety of the structure, the user should do a comprehensive test according to inspection list when the project is handed over.
● Whether the electronic circuit is tighten or insulated;
● Whether all modules are tighten enough and have no damage or looseness;
● Whether the shaft of the motor , gear and rack of the transmission are worn unnaturally;
● Whether the mounting structure, such as columns, struts, drive beams and other parts are "stained";

Provide detailed maintenance manual and high-quality spare parts. Inspection after bad weather such as storms, sandstorms, snow storms, heavy rain, routing inspection of the entire power station .
● heavy loss due to bad weather;
● 6 months cycle visual inspection if the soil erosion or loose around the pile.

Regular technical training in different ways, improve after-sales training, PV plant operation and maintenance services;

In addition to the basic installation instructions, the project manager advices and works to make plans and implement management until the plant operates smoothly.