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Outstanding Job by Powerway -Tracker Project under High Wind Speed.


solar mounting system

Powerway won another solar project in the northern Luzon in Philippines by the virtue of its years of project experience and professional design ability in this market. This project is developed and constructed by the local renowned large energy producer, with 5MW total installation capacity, including fixed-tilt mounting structure system and tracker system while the tracker taking up 1MW. The high wind speed of 250kph and large module specification are two main factors challenging the tracker design. But Powerway technical team eventually devised the single axis tracker solution with mono-portrait solution by thoroughly evaluation on the wind speed. Furthermore, due to the site boundary limitation, the team made the utmost of site area by optimizing the overall layout for each zone so as to enhance performance and generation rate of tracker. Besides, we also provided the whole set equipment and testing pile to conduct the pullout test via remote instruction and finally determined the ramming pile as the foundation that not only can reduce the material cost but also promote construction efficiency.

solar tracking system

The 1MW tracker project is the first attempt for Powerway under such high wind speed in Philippines market.The abundant sunlight resources will create the potential possibility to introduce more tracker project in Philippines. With this tracker project, Powerway also succeed in occupying a place and laying a solid foundation in this market, further consolidating its leading role in Philippines solar market.