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Powerway upgrades the multi-point drive tracker — PowerFit-Blade


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PowerFit-Blade, Powerway Renewable Energy has launched a new generation of multidrive smart transmission tracker, which can reduce the risk of principal axis distortion. Compared with the first generation of PowerFit-Blade, it will increase the power generation by 2% to 8%.


This upgrade of PowerFit-Blade is an in-depth optimization and adaptation of the current 180/210mm ultra-high power modules. It optimizes the structure of configuration, greatly improves the wind resistance  and especially reduces the instability of its  aeroelasticity, which improves the transfer efficiency, and prevent the tracker from malfunctioning in a windy environment, thereby improving its reliability . By optimizing the structure to reduce installation labor intensity and product costs, PowerFit-Blade will provide owners with a higher level of performance in projects.



PowerFit-Blade is equipped with PowerSmart One, the latest intelligent photovoltaic tracking system of Powerway.PowerSmart One is an intelligent operation and maintenance system for monitoring PV power plant, which improves the control algorithm on the basis of the previous generation of controllers to meet various driving methods. It is compatible with mainstream large-size and ultra-high power modules in the industry.


In the case of mountain shadows, cloudy skies, rain and snow, PowerSmart One will still achieve power generation gains with intelligent AI algorithm.Combined with the technology of contemporary smart mobile equipment ,PowerSmart One optimizes the commissioning and maintenance of trackers significantly, which is an important step for the realization of intelligent PV tracker power stations.


Powerway is a leading supplier of solar mounting system, solar tracking system and roof racking system for global solar power stations.For 11 years, our engineers have been committed to designing innovative and reliable products for our customers,which meets the   standard of international certifications.With experience in different large-scale solar projects,our products offer extraordinary durability and reliability.we will make a contribution to the success of your ecological investment, accompanying you on the successful investment journey.