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PowerFit-Blade —— A New Solar Tracker for the Future


solar tracking system

It’s really excited to announce that we launch our new product ——PowerFit-Blade, that is a new generation of single-axis multidrive transmission tracker and adapts high power modules.

The compact design enables PowerFit-Blade to reduce the number of parts for higher installation efficiency .With its excellent performance, PowerFit-Blade realizes the installation and arrangement in high wind speed areas.Besides,the intelligent tracking algorithms will maximize potential of each module in the power station.

solar tracking system

Multidrive Transmission System

Improve 20% wind resistance

Lower to 153 posts per MW

4-6 strings up to 100kw per tracker

solar tracking system

√ High torque-tube for better rigid

√ Less parts and lower installation for more competitive LCOE


√ PV AI+tracking algorithm

√ wireless cellular structure network

√ Motor overheating and overload protection

√ PV String Power、Less O&M Costs 

√ PV Real-time monitoring and SCADA system

√ Meteorological Diagnosis& Auto Control System

√ Precise Division Control、System Fault Diagnosis


solar tracking system

√ Adapt all of high power modules on market

√ Up to 120 modules per row

√ No gaps in each drive or bearing