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Powerway says, how to install PV mounting system can maximum generation?


PV mounting system bearing the whole power plant, is one of the core components, if not installed correctly, may lead to premature aging, the power generation may be lower than expected, and serious collapse of power plant, power plant life is far lower than expected.

1. Avoid shade when designing layout 

Shades caused by plant block, corner block, terrain block, mud, dust, bird droppings occlusion, so when designing, should fully consider the shades from all directions of the PV modules, shade caused by height gap between each row.


2. Avoid incorrect installation

In the installation process of PV mounting system, sometimes the measurement is not accurate, installation height caused by labor errors lead to big deviation from the design, bolt tighten exceed demand damaged the anticorrosion surface, resulting in lower power generation, mounting corrosion problems. Aiming at these problems, Powerway based on its many years of experience, summed up a set of effective solution, and can provide installation guidance for the owners, to reduce the impact of incorrect installation.

3. Avoid foundation weathering, mounting corrosion

Because many solar farms are located in the saline alkali environment, the poor quality of construction foundation in winter, and the concrete foundation are easily premature weathered. At the same time, the production of zinc coating quality is poor, there are bubbles or zinc edge, cause effect of installation or easier corrosion.

Solutions: choose hot galvanized or stainless steel screws, double flat washers and one spring washer installation; choose well-known mounting brands such as powerway, pay attention to quality control and especially hot galvanizing quality; pay attention to the concrete foundation construction quality, in the saline environment, can use waterproof asphalt to brush the foundation surface etc.