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Powerway 702KW photovoltaic power plant adds another gleam of light to Papua New Guinea.


Recently, Powerway Renewable Energy has successfully completed the 702KW fixed rack ground plant and its grid connection work for Papua New Guinea in the west of the South Pacific Ocean. The project was commenced in October, 2017 and was completed in February, 2018. It is the first project completed by Powerway Renewable Energy in Papua New Guinea, which has finished the grid connection work. 


 Accurately Calculated Implementation Plan 

Papua New Guinea 702KW Photovoltaic Power Plant project is located in an island country with mountainous and rugged terrain in the South Pacific Ocean. The wind speed there is 26m/s (10min). The technical team from Powerway Renewable Energy has overcome problems and difficulties during construction process depending on the precise calculation and their construction strength. Powerway all-aluminum screw pile ground rack system has a highly intensive architecture design and adopts 3V18 arrangement array with a 15% of east-west slope. The scheme can withstand a maximum wind speed of 34m/s (10min).The use of all-aluminum screw pile structure displays a good seismic and wind resistance performance.


Product quality withstands hostile environment. 

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the Central Highland region of Papua New Guinea on March 10, 2018. Powerway ground power plant in the earthquake-stricken area was still able to continue working properly to provide guarantee forpower supply in the disaster area. Professional structural design and optimization save a large amount of costs for owners and customers and at the same time guarantee the permanent service of the rack system in harsh outdoor environment