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New Official Website of Powerway Officially Launched


Dear customers:

After careful planning and preparation, and based on users’ feedback, the official website of Powerway has been updated and is officially launched today. The new website is created through revising and upgrading the former website, to provide you with more comprehensive information in a clearer structure, and also present you a better visual effect.

Since its establishment, Powerway Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. (shorted as “Powerway”) has been committed to providing customers with high-quality photovoltaic mountings and trackers. Powerway always attaches great importance to emotional communication with users, and respects users' feeling so as to grow together with users. Therefore, we have received trust and support from our customers. With the advancement and development of the network, more and more people are more willing to obtain relevant information through network channels, and more people are paying attention to us through the Internet. In order to adapt to new needs during our development, further develop the website’s functions and provide better services to users, we have upgraded and revised our former website both in the form and contents, and the new website is open to you now. The original website remains unchanged:


Before revision (Click here to enter the former website)


After revision

Finally, we sincerely thank you for your concern and support for Powerway!