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Malaysia's State Televisions has reported the Powerway's project


Kedah in Malaysia is the birthplace of the ancient Malay Kingdoms, a "land of abundance" of Malaysia, adjacent to the "sea lane" Strait of Malacca.

China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. (ENERGY CHINA TEPC) has composed the construction legend of Malaysia's Kedah 50MW Solar PV Project here, of which all PV mounting system are from POWERWAY.

In the morning of September 8, Malaysia's State Televisions 1 and 2 reported on the project for up to 2 minutes. The technology, localized management, environmental protection, and social and economic benefits of the power plant have been highly recognized by the local community.


The project is located at Kuala Ketil village, Kedah State in Peninsular Malaysia, 515 km from the longest road in the capital Kuala Lumpur; it occupies 263 acres, i.e. 1.06 million square meters, one of the first batch of large-scale solar power plants in Malaysia.


It is a ground PV power plant with an installed capacity of 55 MW, started on March 27, 2018 and officially put into commercial operation on February 25, 2019.


After being put into operation, the project will generate an average annual output of 78,400 MW in the next 25 years, enough to power 30,000 households and offset carbon emission of 54,000 tons per year.

In addition, the 30-m buffer belt around the project is planned to be a pineapple plantation. This plantation is expected to have a harvest period of 14 months, which means an income of RM 684000 (equal to USD 165,000) for the local residents.

Besides the sustainable and considerable income for the local residents, this plantation also offers 106 jobs. Taken together, the project, by providing the clean energy for Malaysia and beneftiting the local industrial and agriculture activities in Kedah, has brought huge economic benefits to the community.


PV power plant area with Fruit Planting Park in the North


No.1 Environmental protection focused

The construction of the project had caused no interference to the surrounding residents, under the strict environmental protection management of the local government. Indicators including the pile driving noise, mud content of rainwater drainage and pollution of the access road had met the environmental requirements.

No. 2 Safety first


Animals are frequents to the project site in such a tropical rainforest area. Therefore, the project personnel had implemented powerful electronic monitoring to ensure the safety of animals, plants and ecology, as well as the construction safety, and avoid the visit of "night walkers". Throughout the entire construction period of 11 months, the 250,000 labor hours saw no accident, a safety record in Malaysia.


Project conferred a safety record for 250,000 labor hours of no accident

No. 3 Quality-oriented


This project has adopted Powerway’s DuraPower (all-steel series) solar mounting system.The Powerway single rampost all-steel mounting system is designed using section steel, making it very cost-efficient. The simple structural design greatly improves installation efficiency and reduces installation costs,while its hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment ensures that the system has a long lifecycle even when installed in a hostile environment.


ENERGY CHINA TEPC and Powerway had paid close attention to the project, investing high-quality resources and pursuing for excellence. Finally, the project was successfully put into commercial operation within the contract period with excellent indicators.


PV power plant area with Fruit Planting Park in the North(other pictures)

We are convinced that with the successful delivery of this project, ENERGY CHINA TEPC and Powerway will have deeper and wider cooperation and make more contributions.