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Powerway Renewable Energy Completed a 50MW Solar Project in Vietnam


Solar Farm-solar mounting structure

Powerway Renewable Energy has completed a 50MW solar project in Vietnam. The project is located in coastal area, with high air humidity and strong corrosiveness. Therefore,Powerway's AlumPower solar mounting structure is the best choice for this site.

solar fixed structure

AlumPower's aluminum series is designed using aluminum alloy, giving it an aesthetic and elegant appearance. It adopts the newly developed patent design of the upper-press and lower-lock, which increases the installation efficiency by 60%.A 15 nm anodizing of the surface ensures high anti-corrosive performance. It is height-adjustable, thus flexible for use in various complex terrains. An 80% recycling rate of the aluminum allows the power station to effectively “retain value”.

solar ground mount structure

Powerway Renewable Energy Co., Ltd, located in Guangdong Province, China, has branches in Japan, South Africa and Pakistan. Powerway’s global operations blend experience of over 10 years with innovation. We have over 200+ projects in 60+ countries around world, with the 7.87GW of installed capacity.