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Powerway Provides Mounting Structures for a New 120MW Solar Farm Project in Philippines


Recently, Powerway Renewable Energy has won another 120MW large-scale ground PV power station project in the Philippines. The project locates in the high wind area with the design wind speed up to 250KPH. The project site is divided into flat terrain (zone 1) with large 4P14 layout and hilly area (zone 2) with flexible 2P14 layout to adapt the slope up to 27°.


Philippines solar farm 120MW Pullout Test.jpg

 The Powerway engineering site team conducted the pullout test for it in the earlier this year. The soil property appears to be slightly hard that provides a better uplift resistance for the pullout test.Powerway technical team not only worked out different design solutions based on different terrain, but also provided the specialized power head adaptor as well as the whole set of testing equipments. The Powerway engineering site team has successfully finished 30 testing points for portrait pulling, lateral pulling and compression test within two weeks, which earned the trust and confidence from clients and lay a sound foundation for the follow-up construction.


Philippines solar farm 120MW Pullout Test

Although most of terrain of the project is not flat,Powerway’s mature solar mounting system  can meet the requirements of site slope installation without ground leveling at site. Powerway has always tried to spare no effort to maximize the benefits for our customers.

Philippines solar farm 120MW Pullout Test