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POWERWAY Customizes Solar Structures for 2MWp Agriculture Solar Project In Vietnam


The PV market in Vietnam has risen rapidly these years, and there are various modes of PV power stations. The Multi- functional PV project is a trend. In addition to the income from pv investment, there can also be other ways of income, such as Fishery and Agricultural solar.

Recently, POWERWAY specially designed and customized 2MWp full set of agricultural PV structure for the owner in Vietnam. Under the shed, plants and animals can be raised, and above, PV investment can be made. A set of structure can meet two needs at the same time in one step.According to the environmental conditions and requirements of the client's projects, Powerway provides professional design solution from the aspects of corrosion protection, structure reliability, economy, etc. Finally, our profession and service are recognized by our partner. We wish the project will be completed successfully.

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