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Focus on Spain MADRID GENERA


From February 6th to 8th ,2024, the GENERA ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR was held grandly in Madrid, Spain.GENERA is the largest and most influential environmentally friendly energy exhibition in Spain. In the energy and environmental protection industry, it is recognized as the most authoritative international exchange platform in Spain; it is the most professional exhibition in Europe. This exhibition brings together exhibitors from all over the world and is very lively; the exhibits on display are even more dizzying.


POWERWAY debuted at the exhibition 10C32, with a variety of fascinating products, Showing the latest PV mounting system solutions and brand strength to overseas audiences.


Oceans of people at the scene, POWERWAY technical team provided professional and in-depth technical answers to customers to resolve their questions and concerns.


Innovative photovoltaic tracker system for agricultural scenarios

PowerFit-Agri photovoltaic tracker is the breakthrough solution of POWERWAY that combines solar photovoltaics with agriculture, it is different from other traditional solar tracker products. The product's groundbreaking technology more accurately maintains the optimal angle and maximum extent of solar panels, greatly increasing power generation and overall system efficiency; the unique rotation range of this technology improves farming efficiency and ensures a safe harvest during the harvest season amount of harvest.

PowerFit-Agri has the following features:



The ground fixed bracket system is stable and reliable, helping the sustainable development of clean energy

The ground fixed bracket system displayed at the exhibition is made of magnesium-aluminum-zinc-plated steel, which has the advantages of stable structure, strong adaptability, high cost performance and convenient installation. Its pile foundation has various types and strong stability, and can be flexibly installed in different regular terrain environments to solve installation difficulties. This product has an optimized cross-section and is highly pre-assembled to save time. The products have undergone a number of rigorous tests and certifications, ensuring the operation of photovoltaic power stations. In addition, the powerway team is always available to discuss specific project needs and provide unique solutions based on each client's needs.


Roof Solar PV Mounting System drives clean energy revolution

At this exhibition, POWERWAY demonstrated its self-weighted, sloping roof, and color steel tile bracket solutions. These products are customized with high-performance all-aluminum materials and have the characteristics of ultra-light weight, super corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high durability, safety and reliability. The installation design is flexible, lightweight, highly compatible, and fast and easy to assemble, and can provide customers with the best rooftop photovoltaic bracket system solution. This product has undergone multiple testing experiments and complies with international standards. It is the best choice for distributed photovoltaic bracket systems.


As a global innovative photovoltaic system solution service provider, POWERWAY attaches great importance to the development of the Spanish market. In the future, POWERWAY will continue to work hard to develop better, more comprehensive and more professional technical services and solutions, and make contributions to the development of the global photovoltaic new energy market. Positive contribution.