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POWERWAY Customizes Solar Structures for 46MWp Solar Farm Project In Vietnam


The pv market in Vietnam has risen rapidly these years, and there are various modes of PV power stations. The major projects mode in Vietnam are large-scale ground solar farm projects. So far, Powerway has completed a total of 350MW large-scale ground projects in Vietnam. Not long ago,Powerway has won another 46MWp new ground project, which is expected to be connected to the grid before the end of this year.

30MW Solar Project in Malaysia

30MW Solar Project in Malaysia

Since 2016, Powerway has been developing new materials for PV structural application, leading in introducing MACpower for PV structural application. Powerway has nearly 500MW of application experience in PV projects around the world. According to the environmental conditions and requirements of the client's projects, Powerway provides professional design solution from the aspects of corrosion protection, structure reliability, economy, etc. Thanks to our partner’s trust and appreciation to our profession and service, we wish the project will be completed successfully.