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Powerway is awarded the contract to supply the mounting system for the biggest solar project in Bangladesh


Powerway won the 134MW large solar ground mounting structure project in Bangladesh recently, which is the biggest solar farm so far in this country. This project is located at the side of river bank. The design wind speed is 55m/s(3s) and the atmosphere corrosion grade is C2. Most of soil are swamp containing mainly the clay and sand. Besides, the site is also affected the flood especially in rainy season. 

After overall evaluating the natural environment factors and technical requirements, Powerway technical team provided integrated solution with MacPower (Mg-Al-Zn material) upper structure with super-long and large blade helical pile, exhibiting the excellent anti-corrosion property and good soil adaptability. Furthermore, the module layout is designed to E-W Dome figuration that largely weakens the wind effect so as to maintain the structure stability, not only satisfying the technical requirement, but also improving the economical benefit.

solar mounting structure

Bangladesh enjoys the abundant sunlight resources and has a large potential market for solar project. Besides, as the biggest solar farm in Bangladesh, this 134MW ground project enables Powerway to explore the broader solar market in Bangladesh in the future.