Solar Mounting System

MacPower Solar Mounting System

MAC steel is a pre-coated steel sheet obtained by hot-plating a layer of Mg-Al-Zn coating on both sides of a cold-rolled steel sheet having various strengths and thicknesses. The product combines the physical protection and high durability of Al, as well as the electrochemical protection properties of Zn. In addition, the surface layer has a highly decorative bright silver-gray gloss and regular patterns, and it has a raised texture.


  • · The main material is eco-friendly MAC steel, which has the strength of steel.

  • · The pretreatment on the surface ensures the attractive appearance of the material.

  • · Compared with the traditional hot-dip galvanized steel, the deformation and manufacturing accuracy of the material in processing are significantly improved.

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Innovative and Efficient

Usually, no treatment is required on the MAC steel cross-section. At the initial stage of the exposure, red rust appears sometimes on the end face of the MAC steel, especially when the steel plate is thick, but the end face (including the rusted part) is gradually covered and protected by the corrosion product of zinc chloride (Zn5(0H)8Cl2·H20) over time, effectively suppressing the diffusion of the red rust.